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Custom E-Learning Design 

For clients who require specialized e-learning needs, we design and deliver: 

  • proprietary courses and programs

  • redesign of existing training into e-learning formats

  • e-learning tailored to individuals and organizations

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Do you have proprietary information that
that needs to be developed into courses and programs,
but don't have the time or manpower to create them?

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EdTrainU excels at creating courses and programs that are educational, engaging and fun!  

EdTrainU provides experts who:

  • are masters in course and program development

  • you can trust to keep your information confidential

  • can make learning and training easy

Are you struggling to convert existing training programs
into e-learning formats?

EdTrainU saves your company valuable time and money by providing expert conversion of your existing training programs into e-learning.

EdTrainU consultants can:

  • help you choose the best e-learning platforms

  • easily convert existing training into a variety of e-learning formats

  • guide you in redevelopment of your entire training program


Do you need e-learning tailored to your specific
industry, organization, clients or employees?


Effective training starts with knowing your audience and your goal.

EdTrainU designers:

  • help you identify your audience

  • can design e-learning specific to your unique needs

  • offer expertise from multilingual, multicultural and multi- industrial backgrounds

What are you waiting for?

EdTrainU removes the barriers and makes e-learning a breeze! 

EdTrain U:

  • saves time and money

  • delivers quality and satisfaction

  • makes it easier for you and your staff to succeed

  • helps bring your vision to life

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