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Are your clients or staff getting the most from their e-learning?

Or do you think they might be saying:

  • "Not another training session." (said with an eye roll)

  • "These workshops are always so boring!"

  • "What a waste of my time."


​Would you rather hear them say:

  • "I can't wait until our next training!"

  • "That session was so much fun -- and I'm able to use what I learned."

  • "Everything in that workshop is helping me do my job better."


Training That Sticks

"People learn in layers and they need practical applications and positive reinforcement that connects them to what is relevant in their daily jobs.  EdTrainU multiplies the intelligence of your people and maximizes your talent  in a fun, loving way to accomplish organizational goals. "

  - Patricia Angulo, Founder and President

 3 Ways We Make E-Learning Better for You

Custom elearning design.png

E-Learning designs to fit your organizational needs and desires.

painless seamless integrations.png

E-learning made simple, using tools your employees are familiar with.

growth and development.png

Making relevant updates as organizational changes occur.

 What Clients Are Saying 

“EdTrainU has a way of teaching and explaining that is unique, fun and yet serious and to the point. Patricia has an innovative approach to training and development of employees and organizations as a whole. I would highly recommend EdTrainU to anyone who wants to improve their employee’s performance, morale, work ethic, and empowerment to grow the organizations’ productivity and efficiency. It’s not the typical boring training session, I can guarantee that!"

Ayelet Shani-Seemann, Independent Owner and Travel Adviser | Cruise Planners

Our Stats Speak for Themselves

Untitled design (6).png
Untitled design (7).png
Untitled design (2).png

Leaders Trained

Happy Clients

Awards Won


“Tricia from EdTrainU presented an interactive, custom-designed seminar at my company that covered both teamwork and conflict resolution. The presentation was not only informative, it helped us start a discussion about our differences as team members. It also provided an opportunity for us to learn about ourselves as well as our co-workers. I would recommend her services to any company with an intergenerational workforce."

Julie Krause, Manager | Meuwissen, Flygare, Kadrlik & Associates, P. A.

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